GDPR compliance changes

GDPR compliance 

You will probably have noticed by now our recent addition of the somewhat annoying cookie affirmative action, we’re not the biggest fans of it either since it now seems to dominate the entire web. This is in response to the new and at the time of writing, work in progress European GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation whereby anyone who accesses any worldwide site from within the EU or UK must be made aware that the site uses cookies and have the option of affirmative action. The reason for this legislation is to give us all control back of our data which is an excellent goal. Non compliance with this regulation is not an option and hefty fines are threatened to follow if anyone chooses to ignore it. So as per our usual approach of protecting the FIRE fortress we readily research and comply to the best of our ability. 

What is a cookie? Well it is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. These can be switched off or deleted from your browser at any time per the statement in our Privacy Policy 

Why does this site need cookies? The reason is we use a google program called Google Analytics which uses cookies when someone takes a look at one of our posts to register user data and present it to us in pretty bars and charts. You probably have an idea by now that we don’t really much care for any form of what we see as validation-seeking mediums since we happily removed ourselves completely from Social Media so technically we could do everyone reading a huge favor and close out of Google Analytics so that you don’t need to keep clicking ‘OK’ all the time. 

The reason we want to keep Google Analytics though is nothing to do with any feeling like we need to be graded or patted on the back like we are back at work or school. On the contrary, it is more simply to do with the fact that we would like to know if what we write is actually relevant to readers since this blog intent is to actually help people in their escape mission from employment to freedom. If you don’t much care for some of the content then we know not to bother our brain cells trying to write on a particular subject and focus on the important aspects that you care about instead.

Secondary we also want to know whereabouts on the planet our readers are residing. After all, we are meant to be global dividend nomads who can go anywhere in the world to demonstrate that a FIRE lifestyle is possible no matter where you are. What’s the point in us talking incessantly about how a FIRE lifestyle is feasible in the UK, USA or Southern Europe if you’re based in Singapore, Australia or China, we can see that it might get a little frustrating and irrelevant to you. The future plan would be to spend extended time in select parts of the world and work the budgets to honestly demonstrate what is possible or not with respect to FIRE. Hopefully continued use of GA will enable us to narrow down our country case studies to keep it relevant.

As far as the remainder of your data is concerned, we keep hold of your name, email address and website details that you are asked for whenever you choose to comment on a post. We hold this data until a point where you request it’s deletion from our site which is in turn protected using GOTMLS anti-malware.

Hope all this goes some way to explaining the changes.

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