San Luis de Sabinillas/Puerto de la Duquesa

It definitely felt like another lifetime since we were last on Spanish shores as tourists and we’d honestly forgotten exactly how frugal-friendly it was to get around as well as eat and drink. Grocery bills averaged at 75-100 Euros a week shopping for two vegetarians locally at Lidl and Mercadona since we enjoy cooking our own meals at the apartment. An evening of happy hour drinks at local bars averaged out at about 10 Euros but even that low price is tough to justify when a bottle of white wine to drink on the veranda in the evening can be yours for only 1.89 Euros.

The apartment we chose for this one month stay was on the third and top floor of the block and included a veranda with a view looking out onto the mediterranean. It cost 828.50 Euros for the month from but had two bedrooms and two baths so was more than enough space for the two of us and would suit up to six people.

After 13 years of hectic non-stop high pressure work schedules this was exactly what the doctor ordered, the tranquility of just sitting out in the sun and taking in the sights, sounds and ambience of this town was worth every cent.

A couple of hundred yards walk from the apartment is Paseo Maritime which was perfect for miles of walks or runs, or simply just relaxing and watching the ocean. The weather was very pleasant for january, cold at times but really exceeded our expectations considering this period is deemed out of season.

Sabinillas budget for month:-

  • Rent = 828.50 Euros
  • Utilities = 0 Euros (included with rent)
  • Internet = 0 Euros (included with rent)
  • *Transportation = 90.72 Euros
  • **Groceries = 292.20 Euros
  • Happy hour drinks x 2 = 30.00 Euro
  • Total budget = 1241.42 Euro = $1536.00

This was not a bad start, we stayed well within budget for Spain and were actually able to re-invest or accumulate the remaining income for the month.


The moment you arrive in Seville it feels like you are immediately immersed in Spanish culture where you just want to watch Flamenco and eat Tapas. It just has that vibe about it. There is also something about warm weather in winter in a city that we find so appealing.

We stayed in a small one bedroom place in the middle of old town that we found on AirBnB just around the corner from Alameda de Hercules, named after the mythical founder of this city. This meant we had all the Tapas and evening culture that we could possibly handle on our doorstep and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

After exploring Metropol Parasol the moment we arrived we then spent our first evening eating various vegetarian Tapas back at Arte y Sabor. We were informed this bar is open 24/7 which given the local vibe didn’t surprise us at all.

The following day was spent exploring the 16th century in Plaza del Triunfo. Taking in Alcazar Royal Palace, Cathedral of Seville, Archives of the Indies and on to Plaza del Espana. 


All incredible places which look all the more beautiful with the Spanish sun backdrop and palm trees. This part of the old town is pretty much car-free with transportation mainly covered on foot, horse drawn carriage, bicycle or modern light rail system which combines the old worlds with the new seamlessly.



Our final night in Seville was spent sitting by the Puente de Isabel II bridge by the Guadalquivir River watching the world go by eating Churros. This was a perfect way to round out our Spanish visit and we will definitely miss it.

Beautiful place.






Budgets for Seville:-

  • Accommodation = $80 per night
  • Groceries = 9.27 Euros – (We used the Carrefour store locally for breakfast and lunch)
  • Tapas = 35 Euros for two evening meals and drinks.
  • Transportation = 16 Euros (Taxi – Train station to apartment and Apartment to bus station)
  • Total = $235.35