Happiness is….escaping to Roman times in Chester UK

While spending this time in the UK we've had a few good opportunities to see towns and artifacts from how life used to be back when it was ruled by the Roman Empire from 43 to 410AD. For the Stoic followers keeping score this is the same era as the likes of Musonius Rufus, Marcus Aurelius, Lucius Seneca and Epictetus. We've been very fortunate that for the princely sum of $6.60 we can board a...
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The Runway to Financial Independence

So after 4 months of procrastination, our first ever book 'The Runway to Financial Independence' is finally live and available on Amazon. The title ties in a little with the transition from my previous aerospace career except it was infinitely more interesting to write than the usual aircraft test plans and problem solutions. It was started back in early January at the Spanish apartment we...
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Six month post-FIRE update – Life on the other side of the FI mountain.

We're happy to report we made it to our 6 months FIRE milestone and life is definitely more relaxed and positive now. At the last check-in the mood was a little more subdued and apprehensive probably due to a mixture of residual burnout and some anxiety about the passive income falling short of our budget or being forced back to work for some reason. To give an update on a statement we made...
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